At Orbit Corporate Platform, our travel management style encompasses full end-to-end support to our clients, offering the best techs and strategy accommodated by most global aviation players and blueprint policies. Our practices are in alliance with various travel vendors and airlines, insurance vendors that offers various travel insurance plans to suit individual budget, travel plans and their destinations.
With the vast tools of various integrated cashless platforms, your transactions are protected by a fail-safe database adopted by these cashless policy partners worldwide which is able to give our clients deserved rest of mind without privacy compromise even as we handle your headaches for you, all within your finger click.



Are you the type that get buried deeply in the worries of ‘what to be?’ or ‘what’s not to’?
No more raking of heads to remember your travel date, itinerary or any other vital details required to achieve your upcoming executive trip or that family holiday on the card—we take care of them for you.
Either its your first time of travel or a reattempt, you as many can be so hardwired with work and forget those important dates. Our client-travel experts are groomed to bring the plan to you in simplest of packages that familiarize you with that travel program in a model that suits both your budget and your purpose.



As is the case with any plan, information is vital.

For every travel plan, updated information is incomparably vital to its success.

At Orbit Corporate, we believe every travel program requires educating our clients on all necessary needs to make their travel a success thus our knowledge transfer a based on modular training that familiarize you with all the information you may need towards achieving your travel without leaving anything to chance. From conception to completion, our experts has developed intensive training in modules to prepare you for what to expect as you prepare as they ensure that your plan is thoroughly reviewed to aid your understanding.We also work based on the flexibility of our clients’ time. This remains a free service aptly included in the provisional offer to each organization or individuals. Whether online or onsite, distance means little or nothing to us, as you can be assured that our experts are always ready to assist you.

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